Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello, all 4 people who have read my BLOG :-) (yeah, I realize that 4 people is an exaggeration...) So, I've run into some free hosting with Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth... and since I've been working with Wordpress instances for work, I've decided to buy a domain and move my blog and take advantage of the vast amount of customizations and complete control I'll have using Wordpress as my BLOG Engine.

Thanks Blogger! for allowing me to 'get my feet wet' and explore this wonderful world of blogging, especially providing an arena for creative and emotional outlet, so much so that my wife has even started a Cupcake BLOG and has found it extremely simple to manage and update. So I will keep this site up as long as Google will let me... but if any of the 4 supporters ;-) wishes to view any of my 'IT RAMBLINGS' or Photography... take a stroll over to the new 'My Electronic Sheep'

-Big A

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