Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Projects

So I started this Blog so I could have a place to keep some notes on a few projects I was working on and/or want to start. The primary of these is Ubuntu 7.04 as a Desktop OS, thus why I chose sudogetapt as the address for my Blog. Some other projects I am looking forward to doing are:

  • PVR
  • Myth TV
  • Media Center PC
  • Virtualization
So now what? Well I need to figure out how to use this arena for tracking of my trials and errors and then compiling everything in a way that might be useful to others who do not want to continue with Windows now that the industry is forcing Vista down our throats...

Anyway I'm not sure if anyone is going to even see this stuff, unless it's one of my friends or family who want to see how my Linux Swan dive is going.


So this being my first Blog post I need to vent...

Question.... Why is it that when you finally decide to post a Blog ALL of the name you want to use are taken?

Sub-Question... So I realize there are like a billion people doing this and I get that we all have the same ideas, but why do these people not update their Blog for over 2 years....

So I was trying to come up with a cool name, one that I would remember how to get back to the site just by typing in the address and would mean something to me, but everything I tried was taken. So I decided to check out some of these sights, and they were either TEST PAGE(s) or have not been updated for over 2 years...