Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ubuntu Desktop pt. 1

Testing 1, 2, 4...

I installed Ubuntu on an IBM z61t laptop, 1.86Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 14.4in widescreen monitor, internal wifi, SD card reader. Pretty decent machine, basic intel 945 on board graphics. My biggest complaint with this setup was the graphics, the default resolution was 144ox900 but I'm pretty sure that after installing the i915 graphics package I just did not care for the laptop, straining your eyes at a clear desktop or packing the screen with large icons and windows, there was just middle ground.

After I setup the i915 graphics package, I needed to kick start some of the software. If your going replace windows there are some apps that I just cannot live without

Audio - iTunes compatible for my Nano
DVD Decoding & Ripping
Media Player & Codecs
Graphics Editing
Web Development
GUI based FTP Client
Eye Candy (Vista Replacement 101)

So basically I focused on the Eye Candy & Audio stuff for my iPod. I installed Beryl which was a pain in the ass, not to install but I had to turn off the cube desktop thing since everytime my hand barely touched the mouse pad or if I was moving a window the cube began to rotate, and once I got it locked on the beryl diamond logo and could not get it back to my desktop (needless to say I had to reload the system).

That reminds me... Beryl & video palyback don't like to play together very well. I searched the internet for a few days and the only solution I could come up with was to turn off the beryl video manager when watching movies, kind of a pain

Then I installed AWN which gives you an OSX like application bar. I'm not the biggest fan of this, but I prefer small quick launch icons for my apps. For my torrent client I installed Azureus and Deluge I have never been a huge fan of Azureus but I liked Deluge, these were pretty basic.

I liked Ubuntu a lot... I was able to browse the web, download torrent files, connect via wireless, even download my 2GB mini SD card during my sister in-laws wedding and show everyone. My biggest issue was with the hardware not the software, once I was able to get Beryl working to my liking.

So I gave up the IBM laptop and now have a Dell Latitude D620, I have some high hopes for this laptop since Dell is now pushing the Ubuntu desktop... I'll let you know!!!

I have my answer...

So it's been like 2 months since my last post and now I have my answer... LIFE takes precedence over posting in the Blog -O- Sphere... Anyway so since my last post I've been hard at work testing various installations of the Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04 (I have even convinced my wife that it's a good idea to switch instead of using Vista, cause we all know it doesn't matter how cool, cheap and identical Linux is, if the wife can't browse Email, The Knot/Nest, pictures and tax stuff then Windows will be King always and forever...)