Sunday, March 30, 2008

Google OS - gOS 2.0 (beta)

So a co-worker showed me this new 'Google OS' that you can download or purchase on on Everex PC from Wally-World (Walmart). So I thought man that would be pretty cool, especially since gOS is derived from Ubuntu. I grabbed a copy of the .iso and dropped it into VirtualBox; which BTW was purchased by Sun Microsystems, but I'll get into that a little later.

Yeah, so Virtual Box gOS 2.0... I had some problems mounting the Guest Additions and it seems to be an issue for everyone... other than that I liked what I saw for the most part. I mean you can get a laptop or a Desktop for under $500 and run an 'eye-candy' ready fully functional system pretty much out of the box. I don't think gOS is ready for the mainstream by any stretch of the imagination (which is probably why Wally-World, pulled the systems from their stores) but I think it's a major step in the right direction. Ubuntu has made some unbelievable headway in the Linux for the everyday person arena, and gOS 2.0 is a low cost alternative to say buying a 2K Mac.

It should be noted that Google is not really attached to this product at least not overtly, they might have some developers behind the scenes, who knows...

Learn more here: gOS