Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Cowbell Dammit!

This is AWSOME! Everybody loves Christopher Walken on SNL during the Blue Oyster Cult Cowbell skit. Actually Walken was on SNL last season and it was somewhat disappointing not having some sort of Cowbell skit. Anyway, I discovered this page this morning via Ars Technica or Digg... honestly I can't remember. But these wonderful people at have come created a sweet flash app that will analyze any mp3 and according to the various mathmatical algorythims will add cowbell and/or Mr. Walken himself to the song.

Here's a track I did this morning (26% Cowbell & 96% Walken) it's a Paolo Nutini track called Jenny Don't Be Hasty.

 Make your own at 

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